If You Had The Foresight To Do So, You Could Have Quit Your Job And Become Rich Off Of Boston College Unders

This has started trickling out this week but I think it’s still kind of flying under the radar. BC is historically bad offensively in both of it’s gambling sports. Like, setting records at how bad offensively they are. BC football’s o/u record was 2-10. Their hoops o/u record right now is 6-17. It’s realistic to say that if you had the foresight to do so you could make a living, a really good living, blindly betting BC unders. For those one or two of you that read my short lived blog Saturdays On The Couch, you know I was in fact betting the under in every single BC football game this season. It was awesome having an auto-win every Saturday. What I didn’t do was continue that with BC basketball. Hindsight’s always 20/20 when it comes to betting on sports.

Now I know what you’re thinking, why not just jump on the BC under bandwagon now for their last few games? Well, you risk getting in too late after books have made adjustments. However, in the case of BC football they couldn’t adjust enough. The totals they were posting for BC football were some of the lowest in the history of college football and they still weren’t low enough. So maybe the same thing is happening in basketball? I really can’t tell. But it is incredibly frustrating to find out about free money after the fact especially when I snuffed it out in football at the beginning of the season. That and whenever I can take a cheap shot at BC I’m going to take it.

BC plays at home against G Tech tomorrow at noon. There’s no line out yet but I’ll be testing my luck with the under no matter what it is. My advice to you? Take the over. If anybody can kill a golden goose it’s me.

– Ballgame


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