Where Are They Now? The Lawyer Travolta Plays On The OJ Show, Shapiro, Founded A Company Called ShoeDazzle With Kim Kardashian

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.25.47 PM

WikipediaShoeDazzle is an online fashion subscription service based in El Segundo, California. Each month the company debuts a selection of shoes, handbags, jewelry and provides its members with a showroom curated to their indicated fashion preferences.

This makes PERFECT sense. I knew I was getting a little Woogie from There’s Something About Mary in Travolta here. I was too young to follow the OJ trial at the time so I haven’t been able to really tell if Robert Shapiro is being played correctly but now I know – he 1000% is. I was searching around the internets for some “where are they now” type stuff after watching the OJ show last night (I guess the kids from the opening scene turned out to be famous prostitutes? Didn’t see that coming) and stumbled upon this. I’m sure a lot of it is just Shapiro trying to make a buck but a rich and powerful guy like him can invest in whatever he wants – why not pick something he’s interested in? Sure a lot of this probably stems from Travolta playing him but if the guy has women’s skinsuits in his real life LA mansion it wouldn’t shock me one bit. Oh yah, and he also started Legalzoom.com. So while he may be a super creepy dude with fetishes that would make Chuck Rhoades blush the joke’s still on us:

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.35.43 PM

ps – Shapiro, Travolta’s a real weirdo am I right????? Definitely nothing to do with you. ALL HIM. Seriously, I’m poor already so lets just let this one slide.

– Ballgame


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