Pornhub Doing God’s Work: Raising Money To Save The Whales For Every 2,000 Videos Played

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 2.16.19 PM

Seattlepi.comWould you watch porn in order to save whales? Mega website Pornhub hopes so.

Of course, the company wants to save whales. I mean, who doesn’t? Thus, the adult entertainment site’s new charitable campaign: “Pornhub Cares’ Save the Whales”. The company says it will give one cent for every 2,000 videos played across its entire free website, starting on Monday and running to Feb. 29, to Washington’s Moclips Cetological Society in honor of World Whale Day, which is Saturday.

Have YOU done your part to save the whales today? I have! In fact, considering I’m home from work for President’s Day and hungover I might actually save more whales today. If the snow hits us bad tonight and I’m home again tomorrow I might end up freeing Willy by the time I’m finished!

In all seriousness, credit where credit is due here to Pornhub. First for avoiding a cheesy Sperm Whale pun on their site but secondly for donating a ton of money to save the whales. I’m almost positive the whales were saved in the 80’s and 90’s but if Pornhub needs my ‘spurts’ to save more well then so be it. If anything we may run into a whale overpopulation problem due to this Pornhub campaign alone. Even though Pornhub snubbed me for their creative director position a little charity work puts them back in my good graces (that and the endless amount of free porn they provide, that helps too).

– Ballgame


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