My Annual Lent Is For Suckers Blog


Today is Ash Wednesday and thus the return of my annual “Lent is for suckers” blog.

Today millions of people will start and (fail) for the second time since January 1st to fulfill a resolution and “better themselves”. I understand the point behind it is to sacrifice something, but I’m just not buying it. You only get so much time on this earth as it is, not really any point in keeping yourself from something you want for 40 days every year. Christ didn’t give into temptation…but I’m not Christ. And if priests can’t keep themselves from alter boys then I’m sure as hell not staying away from coffee or TV or something absurd. I’ll bite on my temptations every time.

For the fourth year in a row I’m proposing “Reverse Lent”. Do something you wouldn’t normally do because that thing isn’t necessarily good for you. Don’t “better yourself” but indulge more. Or maybe just change your vices. When I say change your vices I’m not suggesting anything crazy like switching from internet porn to magazine porn (which would be a very legitimate Lent sacrifice). I’m talking about switching from drinking beer all the time to only drinking hard alcohol. I’m thinking about instead of dipping I start smoking for the next 40 days. Maybe something like not bringing your lunch to work for the next 40 days and eating fast food every day instead. If you work out take the next 40 days off. You get the point. Reverse Lent is much more fun and guess what, it’s still a sacrifice – You’re sacrificing your health and body. And that my fellow Catholics makes you more like Jesus than anything else ever could.

– Ballgame


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