Quick Reminder Of The Time OJ Simpson Sent Love Letters To Kris Jenner From Prison

if i did it

DailymailKris Jenner has denied lurid claims that OJ Simpson is sending her love letters as he attempts to woo her from being bars in Nevada.

The Kardashian’s matriarch, Kris, 58, has reportedly described O.J.’s letters as her ‘worst nightmare’.

Indeed, despite her former husband Robert Kardashian’s friendship with O.J., it is claimed that the former footballer has become fixated with Kris during the six years he has spent behind bars in Nevada since his 2008 robbery conviction.

Repeated attempts by Mail Online to get comment from Ms Jenner’s representative and Mr. Simpson’s were not returned.

‘O.J.’s desperate for face time with Kris and has been laying it on thick in his letters, telling her how beautiful he thinks she is and what wonderful memories he has of their time together,’ revealed an insider to The National Enquirer.

I’ve actually blogged about OJ’s long-form prison sexting before but based on last night’s first episode of The People vs. OJ Simpson I felt it appropriate to bring it up again. Plus, a lot of people probably don’t know that The Juice is Khloe’s father Kris Jenner and OJ almost certainly were banging each other on the side.

But anyways, OJ trying to rekindle the old flame with Kris Jenner is fantastic. Not enough bad things can happen to Kris Jenner. You want fame and fortune for doing absolutely nothing? Then you’re going to also have to deal with love letters from murderers memorabilia thieves in prison. If you want to get rich off your daughter’s sex tape then you better be prepared to have OJ spill his juice thinking of you and your family. That’s just the trade off you have to live with. These two would make a perfect power couple too. Just absolutely ruthless together. Then someday OJ would come home and murder Kris, escape in a white G-Wagon driven by Kanye West and it would be the best day in the history of the internet. Make it happen Juice, make it happen.

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