Shaq Is Openly Admitting That LSU Paid Him And Paid Him Well

SIShaquille O’Neal says that he was paid while playing basketball at LSU, according to Mike Bresnahan of The Los Angeles Times.

O’Neal’s oldest son, Shareef, is currently being recruited by colleges, and the former NBA star recently opened up about his own college experience.

“Yes, they paid very well,” O’Neal said. “Statute of limitations is up. I can talk about it…That’s right baby, LSU.”

O’Neal was laughing as he made the comment.

Neon…he didn’t want anything. He didn’t ask for anything. He wasn’t for sale. But we got it for him. Big difference here being that I’m almost positive real life Shaq was indeed for sale and LSU happen to be the highest bidder. Probably even got him the fully loaded Lexus!

I know Shaq was probably trying to play this off like he was joking at the end but there is no chance he wasn’t actually paid very well at LSU. I’m surprised more guys haven’t come out with stories of getting paid after their playing days are over. Maybe they’re just that loyal to their former coaches and schools? Or maybe one of their fathers is still using the tractor he got 20 years ago. But if they could ever round up a big group of well known guys to tell their stories of getting paid off it’d be the best tell-all book and/or documentary of all time. I’d kill to hear about this stuff. What college sports fan wouldn’t pay for that? It’ll never happen because I think guys do want to protect former coaches and their own reputations and when you’re about to win the Superbowl, why deal with that media shit storm?

– Ballgame


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