Frankie The Weatherman Has Spoken: We’re Getting A Blizzard On Saturday

I originally blogged about Frankie right around this time last year. You know, right before Frankie accurately predicted the worst winter in the history of Boston. Sure, Frankie didn’t attend some fancy pants meteorology school but Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard (which a lot of people forget) and you trust he’s the best in his field right? While you may choose not to take his enthusiasm seriously, the guy has a winning track record so do so at your own risk. Now get your pizzas, get your Chinese food, your Pepsi and your Coke, your bread, milk, green tea and prepare yourselves Massachusetts and also Connecticut and Rhode Island…and New Hampshire because this storm is a’comin. That’s a Frankie guarantee.

ps – Dylan if you’re reading this, I’ll be thinking of you during the storm #KeepShining


– Ballgame


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