The Divisional Round Picks Are In!

We only have seven football games left this season. As much as I’ve ripped on the NFL that still sucks. Nothing beats football season. Only 7 potential wagers left to make, now isn’t the time to hold back. To the picks!

Patriots -5

I’m obviously a Pats homer but this is also the right bet. I just don’t see how Kansas City is going to score. Like, at all. A huge part of the Chiefs winning streak has been due to their ability to get turnovers (and playing horrible teams). The Patriots don’t turn the ball over. They also have one of the best defenses in the league, the weather is going to suck and Maclin isn’t playing. I’m not concerned at all about Gronk’s health and I think Edelman will be in good shape. Gillette Stadium, in the playoffs, under a touchdown is an automatic play.

Cardinals -7

Typically I would never take a 7 point favorite (that isn’t the Patriots) in the playoffs. The Packers are in a revenge spot here but I just don’t think the Packers are very good. I also think Rogers is hurt. Sure, they killed the Redskins but the Redskins stink! The Cardinals are the real deal. As a Pats fan they’re who I want to see least in the Superbowl. The Honey Badger not playing isn’t great for Zona but at the same time I actually think the Cardinals could blow them out here.

I’m not touching Seattle/Carolina because that line was thrown out there to put everyone in a mental pretzel and it’s working.

Steelers +whatever

This is currently off the board with Big Ben and Antonio Brown being up in the air. I’m pretty positive Roethlisberger will play but I’m not sure about Brown who apparently is still trying to win a Grammy and not practicing. I would LOVE for this to open back up at 10 but I don’t think it’ll get that high. Still, anything above 7 and I’ll be on Pittsburgh. Manning is gonna blow the last playoff game he ever plays in.

Best of luck on your wagers, have a great weekend!!!

– Ballgame


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