Meet The “Unlicensed Sperm Donor” In England That Claims To Have Over 800 Kids

Slide into your Facebook messages like…

BBCSimon Watson, 41, has been an unlicensed sperm donor for 16 years, donating once a week.

“Usually one [baby] a week pops out. I reckon I’ve got about 800 so far, so within four years I’d like to crack 1,000,” he tells the Victoria Derbyshire programme..

“I’ve got kids all the way from Spain to Taiwan, so many countries. I’d like to get the world record ever, make sure no-one’s going to break it, get as many as possible.”

Very few women are eligible for artificial insemination on the NHS as the criteria are very strict. Private licensed clinics cost between £500 and £1,000 for each cycle of treatment. Men are allowed to father no more than 10 children.

Mr Watson charges £50 for his services – the “magic potion pot” – and most of his clients find him on Facebook.

They ask him questions, such as whether he has any hereditary diseases, then they meet, often at a service station on the M1. Clients either book a room in the hotel or use the public toilets.

He provides his own pot and syringe, and is tested for STDs every three months, posting his hospital certificate online. He claims a third of his donations work first time.

“If you go to a fertility clinic people have to go through lots of hurdles – counselling sessions, huge amounts of tests and then charge absolute fortunes for the service – but realistically if you’ve got a private donor you can just go and see them, meet them somewhere, get what you want and just go,” he explains.

Get a load of this cocky motherfucker! Eat your heart out Antonio Cromartie! Now I know what you’re thinking; who is this Adonis Johnny Appleseeding his way around the world with nothing but a Facebook profile, magic jizz and a turkey baster? THIS is the guy:

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.33.11 PM

Harry fucking Dunne. Just driving around in an 87′ Sheepdog meeting chicks at gas stations and giving them a quick fertilization in the bathroom. I can only imagine how frustrating it is when he’s got all his supplies ready to go and then has to go inside to ask the guy at the counter for the bathroom key so he can play God with some desperate woman he met online. Not to mention having to deal with the rumors spreading around about the Mobil Mad Scientist. Creating 800 kids must be a serious grind.

Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you I know how pregnancy works – trust me, I don’t. But how is it this easy to artificially inseminate a woman? Maybe this lunatic really does have a ‘magic potion pot’? All I know is I don’t want this guy making it to the United States. In this country professional athletes are the guys with a ton of kids and frankly I’d like it to keep it that way for the health of this nation.

– Ballgame


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