I Just Can’t Believe I Missed The No Pants Subway Ride On Sunday

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.10.16 AM

You’re not fooling anyone, I know you’re stuffing buddy

CBS Organizers call it “an international celebration of silliness.”

Going without trousers in Boston this weekend might be a tad less uncomfortable: Temperatures are forecast to hit the mid-50s.

The latest Boston edition will start Sunday afternoon at Pemberton Square in the city’s Government Center area. Riders will board the subway still wearing their pants but will strip them off once aboard.

Watch out for the pantless on subways in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New York, London and elsewhere on Sunday.

If you rode the T Sunday without pants on you shouldn’t have boarded the train, you should have laid down on the tracks in front of one. Add this to the long list of terrible things people who weren’t popular in high school do to get attention. And on top of that, this isn’t even ‘wacky’ or ‘zany’. People with no pants on really wouldn’t phase me on the T. Once you’ve seen homeless people on the T with no pants on anybody else with no pants on is kinda no big deal. These people obviously don’t ride the T much. I used to take the T between Southie and Quincy. You know whats in Quincy Center? A methadone clinic. You know what’s in Andrew Sq? Heroin addicts. 20 somethings with no pants on wouldn’t even make me bat an eye. Just the standard no eye contact, no talking with them like anyone else on the T. I get that this is harmless and really doesn’t effect anyone negatively but I can’t for the life of me figure out why people voluntarily participate in a miserable experience and on top of that decide to do it pantsless in shitty weather. When I inevitably get a cavity again at some point I’m going to show up at my dentist’s for the filling with no pants on and tell him it’s just an ‘international celebration of silliness’*.

ps – I would fully support a no pants bus ride with some of the girls that get on the bus in Southie with me in the morning. Like everything else in the world, hot chicks can make a horrible experience enjoyable.

*I haven’t had health/dental insurance for over a year now so I haven’t been to the dentist and it’s starting to get in my head. I haven’t seen a doctor since my 21st birthday so that’s no big deal but I was a regular dentist guy despite the TJ Lavin-esq disappointment he hit me with every appointment. I think my only move is to ride it out and brush hard.

– Ballgame


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