Hey Internet…I Didn’t Hear No Bell.

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Y’all know me. Know how I (want to) earn a livin’. I love blogging. I sorta but not really but still sorta was fired “laid off” from my old job because I spent more time trying to put up blogs during the work day than do actual work. I blogged hard while unemployed and at the end of the day still ended up back in cube jail and in a Michael-Jordan-playing-baseball retirement. But there’s something about being an internet person that just keeps drawing you back in. Once you enter that world, there’s really no escaping. The internet is forever.

In my “retirement blog” I wrote the following: I flat out refuse to believe that I’m not good enough at this to get paid for it. And I refuse to put myself in a cube for the rest of my life. Well you better believe that I still know that statement to be true. I can’t just sit back now and let the 2,697 blogs I wrote before this one go to waste. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. But I’m in my prime blogging years and I have to try again.

The plan is to write whatever I can at night and schedule them to post the following day while everyones at work since that’s when people actually read blogs. Blogging can be time sensitive so I’ll have to find some new stuff and get creative but I’m confident I can pull that off.

Last chance. Let’s go.

One last thing – I wanted to use a video of a wrestler in a sleeper hold and when they lift his arm the third time it doesn’t drop, he gets pumped up and then wins the match but I couldn’t find any videos of it on youtube. How is that possible? It’s one of the best wrestling moves of all time. What a disgrace.

– Ballgame


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