It’s With Much Regret That I Announce My Retirement From The Blog Game

This is blog post #2,697 on 114 Pembroke and it’s the worst one I’ve ever written. This is not a joke blog. As most of you know I’ve been unemployed. Being unemployed is awesome. But the only problem with it is eventually you run out of your own money and they stop giving you free money every week. That time has come for me and I’ve been pushed back into the nightmare known as corporate America. Sure, I’m upset. But I successfully pulled off a 6 month vacation and ended up with a job that (I think) is better than my last one. The only thing that really sucks is that I failed to some how make a living out of doing this. I won’t be able to blog during the day from my new job thus the call to hang them up. This is the last daily blog you’ll see from me. Honestly, I’m heartbroken.

Is it a coincidence that David Letterman and I are both retiring on the same day? Maybe. Maybe not. But the difference is I’m not totally retiring. As a very wise man once said “the game is out there and it’s either play or get played”. I flat out refuse to believe that I’m not good enough at this to get paid for it. And I refuse to put myself in a cube for the rest of my life. I can’t live in a cage man, the blog game is the blog game. So I will still be writing blogs, only they won’t be every day and they’ll go up at night. They’ll probably be a little longer and more original content as opposed to commenting on the day’s news stories. If I totally stop the ‘dream’ is dead and I can’t let myself do that.

I really, really, really appreciate everyone who took the time to read this every day over the last few years. It sounds silly but there were plenty of times were I thought why the hell do I keep writing this? But then somebody would tell me they loved a blog or that they read every day at work or something like that so I had to go on. I didn’t exactly have a ton of readers but the followers were loyal and I greatly appreciate that.

I put together a little tribute going away video. It starts with the very first blog and goes through the years. I tried to put in blogs I really liked, big events over the last few years, etc. Get your tissues ready and listen with the sound on because the song is a JAM.

Hopefully I can get back to putting a few things up a week at night but until then, goodnight. I love you all!!!

And Of course I’ll still be slinging mini-140 character blogs at a time on Twitter @therealballgame

– Ballgame



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2 responses to “It’s With Much Regret That I Announce My Retirement From The Blog Game

  1. Kate

    Pretty good coincidence that when I got engaged you decided to retire huh teddy ballgame? Lolol will miss ya babe talk soon

    Love always

    Your favorite AF girl

  2. Phenomenon

    I would be heartbroken if you stopped writing your blog. I live in NH, I don’t know you, I don’t know even how I found your blog, but I think you are so hilarious!! I read this every day at work! I even went back and read all your posts from before I discovered your blog! Keep going with it, you are the only blog I have ever read but I think your the best one haha

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