Kraft Backs Down…Brady’s Appeal Moves Forward

Obviously the rest of the owners got to Kraft. That’s the only explanation. I still think that Kraft believes the Wells Report is 243 pages of bullshit but the owners told him he had to end it. Goodell wasn’t going to end it ever. He’d dig in and then pull every dirty trick in the book to try and discredit the Patriots organization. This would literally never end. It’s already become trench warfare. So Mr. Kraft took the high road because he has more class in his pinky nail than Goodell has in his whole body.

Now onto Brady. It’s already being speculated all over twitter that perhaps the deal is that the Patriots (as an organization) don’t appeal and in return Brady’s suspension gets wiped out. I’d love for this to be true but this makes the NFL and Wells look bad. So the organization gets punished even though the report concluded they didn’t really have anything to do with it and Brady doesn’t even though the report concluded that he did have knowledge about it? I’m not so sure the NFL is just going to completely throw the report out now just to broker a deal. I hope they do, but I’m not so sure. If in fact Kraft delivered on that he’s one hell of a politician. Either way, at the end of the day #FireGoodell

– Ballgame


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