ESPN Hired A Daily Fantasy Analyst And I’m Not So Sure I’m Buying What They’re Selling

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AwfulAnnouncingMany have been keeping an eye on exactly when we’d start seeing some of these changes go into effect as FanDuel had legacy ad buys that have been regularly seen on television and in fact were prominently displayed on ESPN’s fantasy baseball section. But as of yesterday, the FanDuel ads on seem to be winding down (although many are still on TV) and more notably SportsCenter introduced their new daily fantasy analyst, Cynthia Frelund.

So is ESPN just making their own tout ads now? I mean that’s exactly what this woman credentials read like – a tout making shit up. I don’t doubt her academic and business background but just casually throwing out a 94% ‘in the money’ on Draft Kings and 90% on Fanduel? Does she have a 1000 star lead pipe stone cold lock for me too? Is she Stu Feiners estranged daughter? It reminds me of the best tout ad of all time:

Maybe she does do that well in tournaments. But her numbers lack context. I’ve been ‘in the money’ too the last four Draft Kings hockey tourny’s I’ve been in. I’ve won a total of like 26 bucks. You could finish in 500th place in some of these and be ‘in the money’. So without context her claims mean nothing. I’m sure she really does know her stuff but c’mon ESPN, you don’t need to go all tout ad on us. That and the fact that she’s essentially a commercial for Draft Kings* kind of takes away the credibility of her segments.

*HUGE bone to pick with Draft Kings. I interviewed for a job there fairly recently that I should have absolutely gotten and they didn’t offer it to me. Fuck Draft Kings**

**I still use Draft Kings, whatever.

– Ballgame


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