The Miami ‘Poop Map’ Is A Genius Idea

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.05.10 PM

MiamiHeraldTasked with marketing Miami to tourists and investors, the tax-funded Downtown Development Authority has plenty of maps highlighting restaurants, tourist attractions and real estate development.

On Thursday, they unveiled their latest: a detailed map showing where people popped a squat on downtown streets.

The scatological atlas, smiling poop emojis and all, was created amid a swirling dispute between downtown boosters and the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust over how to get homeless men and women off the street, and how to deal with corresponding sanitation issues. The two public agencies have been feuding for about a year now, dating back to the creation of a temporary shelter program at Camillus House, and more recently with the DDA’s promotion of souped-up porta-potties.

Love this idea. It’s about time we took a hard look at homelessness in major cities and by hard look of course I mean informing all us normal’s how to avoid homeless guys. Now with Miami residents and tourists armed with the poop map they can both literally and metaphorically avoid stepping in shit. From a tourism perspective this really is a good idea. I’m sure some whiney pro-homelessness person out there is going to say it’s offensive to homeless people but newsflash: they don’t have the internet. They literally don’t even know about this. This isn’t for them. This is for people looking to party in South Beach for the weekend, not people trying to change the world. So good for Miami for finally addressing their homelessness issue in a smart, efficient manner.

– Ballgame


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