It’s Scary How Good My Shark Sense Is



This doesn’t fulfill the prediction from my tweet but I knew I felt something. After years of sharkin’ you just develop this shark intuition. Maybe we can pick up on each other’s magnetic fields or something, I do live a few blocks from the beach. This was off Gloucester and Basking Sharks don’t count. It’s gotta be a Great White. And it has to be off The Cape. But if there’s Basking Sharks off Gloucester it means I’m picking up on it. It’s actually a little early in the season for Great Whites but this is Memorial Day Weekend coming up and obviously my shark intuition is firing on all cylinders. Everybody knows the rules at this point; summer officially begins when there’s a Great White spotted. That’s the rule and I’m not going to waste my time arguing with a man who’s lining up to be a hot lunch if you think otherwise. #Summeriscoming

– Ballgame


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One response to “It’s Scary How Good My Shark Sense Is

  1. Anonymous

    Give me a break, basking sharks eat plankton…clean it up “ballgame” your shark sense is as off as your neck to chin ratio.

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