Floyd Mayweather’s Posting Winning Betting Tickets Again

I’d love to know how much money Floyd’s lost betting on sports. There’s no way it doesn’t far exceed his winnings. He’s the worst type of sports betting guy. He’s the guy that walks into the room in the 4th quarter of a football game and asks if you’re on anything and when you tell him ‘under’ he looks at the screen and goes “oh I would have definitely taken the over in this game” when he sees the game tied at 35. He’s the guy that’s never ever lost a bet. He’s the guy that ridicules you if he finds out you only have like 60 bucks on a game. Yea, because I have the ability to throw down $1,000 on eight different college football games in on a random Saturday. I don’t even have a job bro. Meanwhile he’ll bet like three times a year and you’ll never hear the end of it if he happens to win. I don’t hate Mayweather like a lot of people do but I hope he never wins a bet ever again.

– Ballgame


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