The Indians Pulling Corey Kluber After The 8th Inning When He Had 18 K’s Is So Cleveland

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ESPNKluber, who didn’t walk a batter, had a chance to break the major league mark of 20 strikeouts shared by Clemens and Kerry Wood, but he was pulled before the ninth after 113 pitches for closer Cody Allen, who struck out one in getting his fifth save.

Third-base coach Brad Mills, filling in for ejected manager Terry Francona, was the one who made the move with Kluber.

“Millsy knows what he’s doing,” said Francona. “You can’t manage with your heart.”

Two major issues here; the Indians third base coach/fill in Manager Brad Mills and Kluber himself.

How in the world does this guy pull Kluber after the 8th inning? He had only thrown 113 pitches. That’s a lot but it’s not outrageous. He hadn’t walked a single guy. He’d given up one hit and the Tribe were up 2-0. What the hell are you thinking third base coach Brad Mills? If Mills was that concerned about losing the game by throwing Kluber back out there just pull him if he walks a guy or gives up a hit. It’s pretty simple. But don’t completely eliminate the possibility of Kluber getting 19, 20, 21 strike outs.

Now on to Kluber, who I think looks even worse in this situation. I would never want this guy pitching on my team. Partially because coming into this game he was 0-5 with an ERA over 5 but also because he clearly has no heart. Just no fire in this guy’s belly. I mean, he doesn’t even have to tell off his manager Francona, he just has to tell the third base coach to fuck off and that he wants a shot at the record. But no, he puts his tail between his legs and sits on the bench with 18 k’s and only three outs left in the game. Pathetic. That’s why you’re playing in Cleveland Kluber, because you obviously can’t handle pressure and winning.

This is why Cleveland is Cleveland. This is why they mean nothing in the sports world (the Cavs aren’t winning the championship this year). They don’t have a clue what greatness is even when it’s staring them in the face at the start of the 9th inning. Just incredible Cleveland ineptitude. Now hit me with one of my favorite videos ever!

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