Gronk Gives Tinder Tips To Outsider Mike

“Hey do you work out cause I’m ripped, I’m jacked…and then send them a picture with your shirt off”

Could work for me?

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 2.32.09 PM

Coming to you live from the Bristol, Connecticut local cable access studios From the home of SVP and Russillo it’s Outsider Mike stepping up his game by learning from the master himself. Gronk just continues to dominate the off season. More likely than not he hasn’t even heard of deflategate. Some of his advice isn’t bad either. Like you should absolutely swipe right on pretty much every single girl. But searching online for Tinder pick up lines? Huh? I hope Gronk was just saying this is good advice for Outsider Mike. There’s no reason for Gronk to be doing this. Like he said, just ask them if they work out because he’s ripped and jacked. But either way it’s nice to see that Gronk still cares about every common man and Outsider Mike out there for him to take time out of his busy Kentucky Derby/Vegas/beach volleyball/LMFAO concert off season schedule to give back to the fans.

ps – I know most of you have jobs so you probably don’t watch SVP and Russillo every day but Outsider Mike is a producer or something on the show and he’s sneaky one of the most unintentionally funny people on sports radio TV.

– Ballgame


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