Get A Load Of This Nark Ratting Out A Guy Rolling A Joint On The T

(The guy (allegedly) rollin’ doobies is the guy in the camo pants)

Is this guy @DD808 for real? This is such a preposterous move that I’m almost inclined to think he’s playing a joke on his buddy or something. Who the hell rats out somebody with weed on the T in 2015? There’s about 1000 things you see on the T every day FAR more offense then a little marijuana. Not to mention the fact that having less than an ounce of weed on you is only a $100 fine in Massachusetts and not a single cop actually enforces that. But thank God we ratted out that social deviant for trying to prepare for what he’s going to do once he’s off the train. Now that the MBTA police have taken care of this criminal mastermind we can go back to our regularly scheduled homeless guy pissing in the seat next to you and everything will be back to normal.

– Ballgame


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