The “Todd Gurley Bill” Passes In Georgia…I Love The SEC

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APATLANTA (AP) — Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has signed into law what’s been dubbed the “Todd Gurley bill” — making it a crime punishable by up to a year in prison to entice student athletes to break NCAA rules for money.

Deal’s office said Thursday that he had signed House Bill 3, numbered to reflect the jersey number of the famous former University of Georgia running back who was suspended from the Bulldogs’ football team for four games last fall for accepting money for autographs.

Love it. LOVE it. The athletes are in no way responsible for taking money. So if you try to give them money for any reason at all you’re spending a year in jail. S-E-C! S-E-C! S-E-C! We cannot have our STUDENT athlete’s careers jeopardized by the dregs of society trying to make money off their likeness. It just isn’t fair. We need to keep these guys healthy and eligible. You want to tempt a superstar running back and ruin the Bulldogs season? Be prepared to spend a year in federal pound me in the ass prison. Thank God the Georgia state legislature has finally decided to address the most important issues in society. Go DAWGS!!!!!!!

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  1. Mark

    Hell Yeah! Go Dawgs!!! SEC SEC SEC!!

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