Jim McNally’s Alive And Trolling Everyone

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 12.09.44 PM

Via NYPost

I think you have to just laugh at this. I’m not even sure he’s doing it on purpose. Jim McNally doesn’t strike me as the most intelligent fellow so I think he honestly probably just threw his Pats sweatshirt and hat on that he wears every day and didn’t think anything of it. Sure he’s thrown the greatest QB of all time under the bus on a national stage but that doesn’t mean he can’t wear his go-to sweatshirt.

ps – Why doesn’t anyone just ask Jim McNally straight up what PSI he deflated the balls to? If Brady was pissed the refs were constantly over inflating balls and needed them deflated a little (still within legal limits) couldn’t McNally just explain that and this whole thing would be cleared up? It seems like this 243 page report could have been done in two paragraphs.

– Ballgame


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