I’m 17 Games Into The ‘Chasing Sox Overs’ Experiment And…It’s Working

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I really didn’t want to write this blog. I’m basically assuring that the Sox go ‘under’ for the next 10 games by doing this but I couldn’t hold it in any longer. If I can help the people out there win money then Goddammit I need to do it. Normally I would never, ever advocate for ‘chasing’ but this is different. This Sox pitching staff is so bad and their line up is good enough that it makes sense. It’s an anomaly (farce even?) of a season.

In case you don’t understand what I mean by this here’s the breakdown; every day I wake up and bet the Sox over. If it loses then I double up on the Sox over the next day and continue to double up until the over hits. Then once the over hits again I go back to my original bet. In 17 games so far it’s gone out to the 4th game once – Sunday night against the Yankees which obviously went over. It’s only gone out to the 3rd game one time. Every other time I haven’t had to sweat it out past game 2. And from April 24th-28th the over hit five nights in a row.

So here’s what I’m worried about and why I decided to share this now; the lines are catching up. The Sox o/u won’t ever be below 8 again the rest of the season. Their game against the Yankees on Saturday was 9.5. Sunday night was 9. I still think this will hold up but I think it’s about to become a little bit rougher of a ride from here on out. So I’m establishing this now and we’ll check in on the Sox over chase after another 15 games or so. So light a candle to Way Back Wasdin the God of Baseball Overs and pray for me.

– Ballgame


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