Starting The Day With Malcom “The Quarterback’s Worst Nightmare” Brown Highlights

I don’t think I’ve ever been happier about a Pats first round pick. Right before they picked last night and the twitter rumors were swirling saying the Pats traded out I just started swearing incoherently to nobody. And then Bill came in to calm my nerves and drafted an absolute beast in Malcom Brown. I met Brown at the college football awards when I was working the autograph room. The kid is a monster of humanity. But as big as he is and for as much of an animal he is on the field, from the 15 minutes I spent with him he couldn’t have come off as a nicer dude. I think he called me ‘sir’ which is OUTRAGEOUS. As far as how Brown is as a player he was pretty much a consensus top 3 D-Lineman in the country this past season. I’ve heard multiple draft ‘experts’ all saying they had Brown in their top 15 and some how the Pats got him at 32. Great player. Great character/locker room guy. Great get Bill!

– Ballgame


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