Today In The Browns Being The Browns: A Spam Account Won Their Schedule Challenge On Twitter

CLASSIC Browns. I almost feel bad for them at this point. They’re hard to hate because they’re so harmless. I was on the Browns bandwagon last year from a betting perspective (they finished 9-5-2 ATS). And I’m a Johnny Football guy. But they just can’t do anything right. They can’t even give away Browns merchandise to a real person on twitter. They’re like George Costanza if Costanza wasn’t funny and wasn’t friends with Jerry. They’re just fat, bald and unemployed with an ex-fiancee who’s dead. Sure you laugh at that person because we laugh at the less fortunate but then you take a step back and you’re like oh that’s really too bad though. Then you forget about them 5 seconds later. That’s the Browns. But hey good luck to Marcus Mariota if the Browns trade two first rounders to Tennessee like has been rumored. You had a nice career at Oregon Marcus.

(One of my favorite youtube clips ever)

– Ballgame


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