My Unrealistic Wish For Tonight: The Pats Draft Todd Gurley

I know it’s virtually impossible for Gurley to drop to 32 but if anybody can some how pull off landing Gurley with the 32nd pick it’s Belichick. I’m also well aware that the running back position isn’t as relevant as it used to be in the NFL and that’s especially true when it comes to the Patriots offense. But Todd Gurley is the best running back since Adrian Peterson. He was the best player in college football last year hands down. It’s not even close in my opinion. Everybody says “why do the Pats need a running back? They’re just as successful with nobody backs, blah blah blah”. Why would it be such a bad thing to have Tom Brady AND an unbelievable running back? Does that not just make Brady even more effective? Does that not limit Brady’s potential for injury? Yes, Brady is still the best QB in the league but he’s getting older. Gurley’s coming off an ACL injury but if anything nowadays guys come back after an ACL even better than before. Let’s not forget that the Pats brought Gurley in for a work out and interview too so this really isn’t that crazy. Part of this stems from me adopting Georgia as my college football team after I went to Athens for a game a couple years ago but at the same time this kid is an absolute beast. Work your magic Bill. Make Todd Gurley a Patriot.

– Ballgame


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