Bret Bielema Want’s To Make “Woo Pig” The New “Roll Tide” And This Needs To Happen

Hey it’s Draft Day how about a little college football talk? I LOVE Bret Bielema. Just such a fat asshole all of the time. I honestly can’t get enough of him (or his hot wife). Just Dad Boding on (100/// Emoji) all the time. But I like where his head’s at here. Why does “Roll Tide” dominate our lives all fall when it could be “Woo Pig”? Like Bielema says, you eat a slice of pizza and you say “Woo Pig” like hey that’s a good slice of pizza. You may end up in a little bit of trouble when you walk by a group of hot chicks and yell WOO PIG! at them. You know (and I know) that it just means “hey you girls are all really attractive and I’d like to have consensual sex with you”. They, on the other hand, may assume that you’re calling them pigs. So we have to work the kinks out, big deal. No huge idea is ever accepted at first. I mean, civil rights, heard of em? That’s what I thought. So let’s start mixing in Woo Pig’s with your Roll Tide’s and let’s get this movement going. If not for me, do it for Mrs. Bielema.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 1.20.55 PM

– Ballgame


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