We Should All Be Sneaky Happy That The NFL Got Off Real Easy On Their Concussion Lawsuits

APCritics contend the NFL is getting off lightly given annual revenues of about $10 billion. But plaintiffs would have first had to fight their way into court — instead of getting booted to NFL mediation under their players’ contracts — to prevail.

“From a business point of view, (the NFL has) … avoided what may have been the biggest risk to their continued prosperity,” said Andrew Brandt, director of the sports law program at Villanova University law school.

“Removing this as a threat is extraordinary,” he said.

The NFL lawsuits, and similar suits filed later against the NHL, the NCAA and others, has fostered debate, discussion and safety reforms about sports concussions. Yet the NFL games seem to be as wildly popular as ever.

“I know people talk about, it’s dangerous, and mothers won’t let their sons play football. But I don’t see that. I don’t see that at all,” Brandt said.

On the surface it looks like retired players and future retired players got screwed here. 1 Billion over 65 years is absolutely nothing to the NFL. They essentially made this entire issue go away for free. Obviously it’s not a great deal for players suffering through CTE and guys who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at a much younger age than ‘normal’ people and I feel bad for them. I really do. But one of the only things that could stop the NFL from continuing on being what it is was massive amounts of lawsuits and players refusing to play. That won’t happen now and we should all be happy.

I never ever take the ‘outraged’ or ‘holier than thou’ route because I consider myself pretty self aware and I live in reality. When it comes to watching the NFL every Sunday in the fall I don’t care at all about concussions. Aside from Patriot’s players I don’t care about the health of anyone I’m watching on TV. You don’t either. I care about hanging out with my friends, gambling, drinking and eating lots of delicious unhealthy food. I care about the NFL being as prosperous as possible and I’ll keep turning a blind eye to player’s health being ruined, players beating their wives and the occasional tight end with exceptional value for where he was drafted that may or may not end up being a serial killer. The NFL has a hold on all of us. Football in general really. A good deal for the NFL is a good deal for all of us.

– Ballgame


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