It’s April 23rd…Let’s Make Some Week 1 NFL Bets!

The NFL scheduled was released Tuesday night which means we already had week 1 lines as of…Tuesday night. Sure we’re over four months away from the Pats/Steelers kick off but I wrote a blog picking week 1 college games on February 12th so really this blog is long overdue. Plus as we’ve already learned today the NWO/Jews control me via the NFL so I might as well just give up and turn myself over to them. To the picks!

(Note: you can bet these right now but I’m not actually putting any bets in today. But I’ll probably most likely be on all of these when week 1 rolls around)

Pats season win total over 10.5

This is pretty much the biggest slap in the face to the Pats I have ever seen. Their schedule STINKS. It’s pathetic. 11-5 is about the worst they could possibly be this season and that wins this bet. Sorry, I had to get this one out of the way, let’s move on to week 1.

Pats -6 vs. Steelers

Don’t care that the Pats have lost outright in season openers the last two seasons and currently don’t have any cornerbacks. Thursday night game. Banner night. The Pats absolutely shred the Steelers every time they play them. The over will probably be good in this one as well (although it is high at 54) but the Pats will just score too much and win this game by 7-10.

Bills +2.5/Bills ML vs. Colts

Biggest no brainer on the board for me. The Bills Mafia wins this game and I think relatively convincingly. The Bills are actually good and they’re even better at home. The Colts are still nothing but Andrew Luck and a collection of bums. I did well betting on the Bills last year and I’m not stopping now. People still think they stink (they don’t) and this line reflects that.

Rams +4 vs. Seahawks

Hopefully I can get the Rams at +5 or even +6 the day of the game but either way I’ll be taking the Rams. The Rams aren’t bad at all. Every Tom, Dick and Harry on the planet will be taking Seattle. Probably put a little on the Rams ML too.

Bucs -2.5 vs. Titans

Possibly the Winston/Mariota bowl? The Titans will be auto-bet against every week until they prove otherwise. Doesn’t matter if Winston or anybody else is starting for the Bucs in this game. They’ll win and cover the 2.5.

Vikings +4.5 vs. 49ers


– Ballgame


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