I’m All In On This Tebow Conspiracy Theory

I know it’s small but if you click on it you can see an enlarged size

Those of you that are long time readers of 114 Pembroke or know me personally know that I never shy away from a good conspiracy. I just mentioned a couple days ago that I’m an avid Ancient Aliens fan. I love reading JFK stuff. I’m a huge fan of The Da Vinci Code. So this is right up my ally. And I must say – it’s a compelling argument for a Tebow conspiracy. You can’t prove to me that the NFL isn’t a tool used by the New World Order and the Jews in order to control us all. I literally just wrote a blog before this one admitting that I’m controlled by the NFL. Coincidence? Let’s go on…

John Elway (Freemason) most likely did in fact try to sabotage Tebow. He wanted nothing to do with Tebow after McDaniels was fired. But there is no denying that despite John Elway’s (Freemason) best attempts to sabotage Tebow, Tebow (alongside The Lord) beat the Steelers in that playoff game. A playoff game that I happen to bet on the Broncos in because like this conspiracy theorist (aka guy telling the real truth) I too had recently reclaimed my soul after decades of foolishness and decadence. Now Tebow goes to New York and this guy starts to really resonate with me…

Literally every time I go to NYC I’ve succumbed to drugs, drinking, gambling and sluts. Has anyone not succumb to these things on a weekend bender in NYC? Never mind going there as a professional athlete. Of course Tebow to the Jets was an attempt to corrupt him. Or maybe we should call it the time the devil tried to make Tebow give into temptation…?

Now his last paragraph is the only spot where I start to disagree with this mystery-man-of- truth-and-God. He calls Bob Kraft an “ultra-Jew” and accuses him of only picking up Tebow to make sure nobody else could let him play. Nobody disrespects Mr. Kraft like that. But more importantly, Mr. Kraft answers to no one. He is the law. So don’t ever accuse him of being apart of some bigger plan. He makes the plans.

Even though I don’t agree with his assessment of Kraft, his general premise that the NFL wants to destroy Tebow due to the fact that he’s apart of the Holy Trinity is quite obvious. I’m just glad somebody finally had the grapefruits to bring this fact to the forefront. Now with all that being said I’d be more impressed with Tebow if he made it out of Eagles training camp than if he walked on water. In the name of the Tim, The Tebow, The Lord’s QB…Ahhhhhhhhmennnnnnnnnnn.

– Ballgame


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