Chris Rock Basically Sums Up Every Under-50 Year Old Person’s Feelings On Baseball

(Start at 2:30 mark)

Chris Rock gave this take on the most recent episode of Real Sports. He’s coming at it from the perspective of why black people don’t play or watch baseball anymore. Really it isn’t just black people, it’s all people under 50 years old that are straying away from baseball for all the reasons he listed. Black, White, Asian, purple, green, whatever the hell you are, if you’re younger you probably feel the same exact way as Chris Rock. I still like baseball but I’m a sports junkie. I really don’t watch anything else. But while I’ll still watch the Sox on a nightly basis, I rarely watch the whole game. I’ll never watch a non-Red Sox game. I’ll go to Fenway a few times a year because I like drinking outside with my friends on a summer night. But baseball has major issues with the length of the games and I do hate the overall stuffiness and self-importance of baseball. The problem is I don’t really have any solutions. I don’t think rule changes are what’s best. I’m not sure how you implement a total attitude adjustment among people at the major league level. Ironically the most exciting the game has been in recent years was when everybody was cheating. So I don’t know what to do to ‘save’ baseball but Chris Rock pretty much nailed everything wrong with it.

– Ballgame


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