Political Corruption At It’s Finest: Taco Bell Lobbyists Gave Congressional Staffers 6,000 Free Tacos

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 2.54.14 PM

Look at these smug fucks down in DC thinking they’re better than us with their Taco Bell slaves, disgusting.

TheinterceptTaco Bell franchise owners are lobbying Congress to help prevent their workers from organizing a union or qualifying for employer-based healthcare. They’re also asking for assistance with real estate tax credits and other issues on their legislative agenda.

On Tuesday afternoon, to thank congressional staffers for all they do on behalf of the fast food industry, franchisees hosted their annual reception at the Rayburn Office Building on Capitol Hill, a free food giveway in which staffers and interns gorged themselves on unlimited free Taco Bell tacos and nachos.

Workers at the event, which packed two rooms, said they gave away some 6,000 tacos in all.

Still think your vote counts? HA! We The People just cannot compete anymore. Not with corruption as blatant and rampant as this. How am I as your normal middle class white male supposed to get the government to work for me and everyone else like me when it’s quite obvious they’re all in congress to do the bidding of Taco Bell? Now don’t get me wrong, I suspect that both Taco Bell and I have some mutual interests but at the same time when it comes down to voting time in congress and the choice lies between the hard working constituents OR all you can eat free Taco Bell tacos which way do you think they’re going to vote? Exactly, with the Taco Bell people (who I have reason to believe aren’t even American by the way). So once again the average American citizen will get screwed over in favor of special interests and Doritos Locos Tacos. Only in America!

ps – Taco Bell fire sauce CAN melt steel beams.

– Ballgame


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