Do People Know The Scott Darling Story?

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If you’ve been watching the NHL playoffs then you already know Scott Darling is the Blackhawks #2 who’s become the #1 over the course of the last three games. The broadcasters have been alluding to his ‘story’ but this morning I thought I’d take a deeper look and hockeydb him. This guy has had a wild ride to the NHL.

Darling’s a local kid from Lemont, Illinois. He went to Maine for a couple years which I somehow didn’t know considering he was Maine’s starter when I was a senior at Providence. Granted every time I was in attendance at Schneider Arena I had all the Busch Light cans I could cram into my pockets with me so that may have played a role. But like myself, it appears Darling also enjoyed a Busch Light or 20 and ended up being suspended multiple times and left Maine after his sophomore year. This is where things get nuts.

Darling went down to the SP. For you non-hockey people the SP is where careers go to either never start or completely die. I know a guy who’s playing in the SP that stays down there in the off season and works at the local used car dealership. That is not a joke. Some guys go from the SP to the CHL and occasionally some to The Coast but it’s a rarity. Darling did it all. SP, CHL, Coast, A and finally a shot in the NHL. It may seem like some sort of a natural progression but this never happens. Goalies don’t make their NHL debut at age 26 after playing in every backwoods hell hole in North America. But Darling’s here and he’s essentially taken the starting job from Crawford. It’s a fun story and without the B’s playing, the Blackhawks are definitely a team I’m backing for the rest of their playoff run.

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