Two Roommates End Up Stabbing Each Other With Broken Bottles After Arguing About iPhone vs. Android

This movie doesn’t get nearly the credit it deserves. Every time I see it on tv I end up stopping and watching the whole thing

TulsaTwo men are hospitalized after an alcohol-fueled argument began over which phone is better: iPhone or Android.

Tulsa police say a woman found a man covered in blood, stumbling around the parking lot of the Evergreen Apartments around 1 a.m.

When police arrived at the apartment complex, they learned that the roommates had been drinking and arguing over their mobile phones.

Police say the two men broke beer bottles and stabbed each other with them. One of the men smashed a bottle over the back of the other man’s head.

Police aren’t sure who they will charge or if charges will be filed at this time. Both men are being treated at an area hospital for their injuries.

This fight sounds…awesome. You have to completely nuts to have a broke bottle battle royale in your living room. You gotta at least respect the grapefruits on these guys to go at it like that. Most drunken roommate arguments end with somebody passing out and then the next day you passive aggressively take their food from the fridge or something. Not in Tulsa I guess.

But we can all agree that this fight started due to the Android guy’s inferiority complex right? Nobody hates being little brother more than people without iPhones. Without a doubt the Android guy broke a bottle first to start this. And while we’re here, there has to be a function put in place that doesn’t allow non-iphone people into group texts with iphone people. It’s the worst. Texts end up going outside the group. You end up with like 5 group texts at once. Never know who or what you’re responding to. If everyone had an iphone there’d be two less guys in Tulsa hospitalized for stab wounds and more importantly I wouldn’t have to put up with the inconvenience of non-iphone people in group texts. Get it done people.

– Ballgame


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