Somebody Needs To Put Jim Delany In A Mental Institution

What the hell’s this guy’s deal? His conference (B1G) just won the first ever CFB Playoffs and had two teams in the Final Four so his next move is to try to bring down college sports? Making freshman ineligible is the stupidest thing of all time. It would ruin college basketball. Sure, relatively speaking only a small handful of freshmen leave for the draft after their freshman year. But do you know how many guys would skip college hoops to go play in Europe out of high school just because there’s a chance they could go to the NBA the next year? Or just because they could get paid and play right away? College football would be fine but at the same time we would have never experienced Jameis Winston’s or Johnny Football’s freshmen years. Nobody could ever argue that those guys sitting on the bench for a year would have been “good for the game” or “good for student-athletes academically” (LOL).

Apparently Delany was a big roadblock in getting the CFB Playoffs started as well. Somebody get this guy out of the iron throne and put somebody in that actually knows how to run college sports*.

*Me. I’m the guy.

– Ballgame


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