Ending The Week With Celtic Pride

For some reason this was just on one of the HBO’s or Cinemax’s or whatever recently and I caught the last half hour. What a great/terrible movie. I’ve seen it plenty of times but forgot how horribly good it is. Anyways, the C’s are back! I’m not the biggest C’s guy in the world. If I had to rank the four Boston sports teams in terms of how much I care about and follow them the C’s would by in last place by a mile. But with this rag tag bunch and Brad Stevens at the helm taking on Lebron? Get me on the bandwagon!!! I’ll be watching the C’s come Sunday and if I were Lebron I’d be prettayyy pretttayy prettayyy worried about this group. You don’t win in the playoffs without toughness.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 4.31.26 PM

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!

– Ballgame


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  1. Anonymous

    love the Larry David reference

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