Tulane Asst. Strength And Conditioning Coach Fired For Making A Bowling Team Member Run…No This Is Not Fake

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Nola.comSeveral current and former Tulane student-athletes have spent the past 12 hours reacting to news that assistant Green Wave strength and conditioning coach Stephanie Sharpe was dismissed following an incident involving the bowling team, according to several sources.

Sharpe, who has worked for the university since 2007, worked closely with the football team and ran with coach Curtis Johnson after practices. She was a constant figure around the university’s athletic headquarters and well-liked by several members of the football team.

Some in that number took to Twitter late Tuesday evening to express their frustration and amazement that Sharpe was let go for what former Tulane ace pitcher Randy LeBlanc and former Tulane cornerback Lorenzo Doss tweeted was discipline running for a bowling team member who was an hour late for practice.

I can’t even believe that blog title I just wrote. A highly respected strength coach was fired from Tulane for making a member of the BOWLING TEAM run when he/she was an hour late for practice. What fucking planet are we on? How is this real life? First of all I don’t even know why Tulane has a bowling team or why they work out at all but if that’s part of being on the Green Wave Bowling team you better fuckin show up to the gym ready to work. You don’t lollygag in an hour late like you’re having a few beers at Southiebowl playing candlepin.

I’m sure this kid complained to their parents or someone that they had to run (which is absurd in it’s on right) but that’s what happens in 2015. Even college kids are the biggest pussies in the world. So I’m not even mad at the kid or parent because that’s to be expected nowadays. But what the fuck Tulane? How does Tulane not laugh in this parents face? How does a college bow down to a parent of a student on the bowling team? This makes no sense. It’s not like this was J.P. Losman who had a problem with someone on the Tulane staff where maybe I can see they’d take a look at it. But bowling?

Large institutions and companies have to stop backing down from these people. The troll fringe controls everything now, it’s pathetic. If you tweet a company telling them you’re offended they’ll immediately take it down regardless of how benign it is. Colleges are firing strength and conditioning coaches for literally doing exactly what’s in their job description. It’s chaos in the streets and it has to end. Stop letting the lunatic fringe scare you.

ps – On the bright side basically everyone associated with Tulane athletics is speaking out against this so hopefully Stephanie Sharpe gets her job back.

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