Hot Take Alert: I Actually Do Think PK Subban Should Have Been Suspended Now

The more I’ve looked at this today and thought about it the more I think Subban absolutely knew what he was doing and the intent was to hurt him. Not injure him, hurt him. I don’t think he meant to break anything but PK knew it was Mark Stone (one of the hottest players in the league down the stretch) coming across the ice and saw his opportunity to take a shot at him. It’s not at all out of the ordinary to try to get one of the best players on the other team banged up in a playoff series. So PK went after the wrist. The way he hacked him is just so out of the ordinary. I mean he brings his hands together, winds up and goes right down on his wrist. Subban’s an incredibly talented player and knows exactly what he’s doing. I can’t come up with any other conclusion other than that there was malicious intent here. Plus now Stone may be out for the series and I think when it’s a blatant slash like this the injury should be taken into consideration of whether or not a suspension is given.

Now, on the plus side for all of us he isn’t suspended and tomorrow night’s going to be awesome in Montreal.

– Ballgame


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