The Stanley Cup Playoffs Start Tonight…Let’s Get Pumped

(The most chill inducing video of all time)

It’s the best season of the year – NHL playoff season. Unfortunately this is the first time in the long time the Bruins aren’t in it but that doesn’t mean I won’t be watching every night. There is nothing in the world like the NHL playoffs. It’s the most grueling playoffs to go through and the hardest trophy in sports to win. Even non-hockey fans get into the NHL playoffs. Underdogs win, unforgettable moments happen and by the time the Cup Finals ends you’ll have suffered through roughly 1000 heart attacks. I’m going to end this with one of my favorite playoff moments; the goal to put the Bruins on track for their cup and recent run of success. I’ll hand it off to Marco Sturm…

Yes the Bruins would go on to lose to Montreal in game 7 but this is what kicked it all off and this will always be a “remember where you were” moment for me. Enjoy the playoffs, they’re simply the best.

– Ballgame


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