Breaking News Everywhere! Hernandez Is Convicted And The B’s Murder Chiarlelli

Ok so everyone already knows Hernandez has been found guilty but how about this timing from the Bruins! PR 101. Just sliding this right under the radar. Kinda hilarious. But as far as the actual firing goes I’m a little surprised now. They had Chiarelli and Claude go through that dog and pony show on Monday and now they decide to fire Harvard Pete? Kinda odd but if you follow me on twitter you know that I was firmly on the #FireChiarelli bandwagon. Sure, they sucked this season but a big part of the Bruins ineptitude was due to terrible deals Chiarelli had made in prior years (and of course the Boychuk deal this season). With all that being said the players and Claude should certainly share some of the blame here.

Ultimately I think the Bruins need a fresh start. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Claude go as well now unless they just make Neely or Don Sweeney (or some combination of the two) the GM which I’d be perfectly fine with for the time being.

– Ballgame


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