Absolute Scumbag 1-Punches His Toddler Son In A Convenience Store

youtubeJustin Whittington, 23, is facing a child endangerment charge for walloping his son in the face inside a Bakersfield, California convenience store.

Jesus. That was actually a lot worse than I anticipated. How about the little crow hop afterwards too like he was celebrating such a good knock out. There should be some sort of test that people should have to pass before they’re allowed to have kids. If I had to guess, like 80% of the population shouldn’t be allowed to have kids (myself included at the moment). If you get denied once you can reapply later but I mean one look at this guy’s wardrobe and I would have immediately recommended sterilization, never mind the fact that he knocked out his toddler son. It’s not really any mystery why the world keeps getting progressively more fucked up, people like this keep having kids. And the woman he’s with appears pregnant too, so the cycle continues.

Not sure what’s worse; the toddler getting knocked out or the Kentucky QB from this past weekend:

– Ballgame


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