Former PC Friar Bryce Cotton Had A Huge One Handed Ally-Oop Finish Last Night


I don’t ever post big basketball dunks because they don’t really do it for me but when it’s a former Friar (who only stands about 6’1”) I have to post it. Nice to see that Cotton’s finally getting a shot in “the league”. But this also lets me easily transition to…

Friars Nation Baby #champs

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(PC’s Boston headquarters for the weekend, Hurricane O’Reilly’s when the game ended)

I didn’t blog yesterday because I pretty much destroyed my body this past weekend and couldn’t move. What an incredible game and awesome win for PC. I would have killed to be on campus Saturday night and yesterday. Congrats to the team, I hope they’re still celebrating.

ps – Met Barry Melrose Saturday night at the bar and he wears the biggest blazer I’ve ever seen in my life. Absurd suit game.

– Ballgame


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