NCAA Head Of Officials Admits The Refs Never Saw The Replay Of The Ball Going Out Off Duke

I haven’t talked about this all day today because I’m still reeling over how the last 6 minutes of that game played out last night but now I have to talk about it. The refs apparently never even saw the same replay that literally millions and millions of us saw. So this could be one of two things, both of which are an equal huge embarrassing failure:

It could be that this guy is telling the truth and the refs never saw it. HOW?!?!?! How do the refs not have all the replays at their disposal? And don’t tell me that they didn’t find that replay until after the refs left the table. They were 100% still looking at replays while all of us watching on TV saw the definitive replay that showed it going out of Duke. The only positive that came of this is that the bar I was in went crazy (in a negative way) when they pointed Duke ball and that I correctly called that they were going to give the ball to Duke no matter what.


The refs did have this angle, STILL screwed it up and now the Head of Officiating is covering for them. I’m not ruling this out at all. We’re talking about the NCAA here. They’re more corrupt than a Sicilian politician. That and the officiating was so bad throughout the entire season and tournament that it wouldn’t surprise me at all that they’d get this wrong even though millions of people on their couches got it right.

Regardless of which scenario is the truth it’s still a horrible look for the NCAA. This was a gigantic play. Wisconsin didn’t score for about a four minute stretch so it wasn’t all on the refs that they lost but the refs played a huge role in deciding the game. You can’t look at that second half and say the refs didn’t play a role in the outcome of a national championship game and that’s a giant fucking problem.

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