Interviewing For Jobs Is The Worst Thing On The Planet

As regular 114 Pembroke readers know I’m currently unemployed. The dream of blogging/gambling for a living has yet to come to fruition and I’m at a point where I need a job again. I’m being pushed back into cube life because “society” deems that I need “money” to exchange for “goods” and “services”. Some basic economic principle I don’t happen to agree with but that’s probably just because I’m not rich. But I digress.

I had my first in-person interview in awhile today. I had my old job for a long time and really hadn’t gone on interviews since I was a recent college grad. It’s a horrible, HORRIBLE, experience. At least when you’re just getting out of college you don’t know any better. You’re eager to become apart of the professional work force. To put a suit on and go to the office. It’s what people just assume they’re supposed to do once they graduate college. So when those kids are interviewing they have a sense of excitement and drive. But now I’ve lived in that world. I’ve had corporate America steal my soul. I’ve had my cube transform into a prison cell. I don’t want anything to do with it. But now I’m in a position to actually have to fight to get back to that. I have to battle and repeat lie after lie after lie about wanting said job so that I can go back to a place and doing work that I cannot stand. How insane is that? The only other time I can think of where I dodge questions and constantly lie is when I’m trying to get laid. But in that situation you’re lying to be rewarded, not punished.

It kind of reminds me of the Scientology guys that were stuck in “the hole”. They’d be physically and mentally abused by the leader, David Miscavige, but if you asked any of them why they didn’t leave they’d say it’s because they actually liked it and wanted to be there. That’s corporate cube life in America in 2015 – being suck in the Scientology “hole” while a power hungry midget beats the shit out of you. God help us all.

– Ballgame


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