PSA For The Ladies: Kim Jong Un Is Conducting A Search For Women To Join His “Pleasure Troupe”

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.32.40 PM Feminism is alive and well in North Korea. Supreme leader Kim Jong-un yesterday announced his plans to search the entire kermit kingdom for the perfect squad of beautiful women to form his ‘pleasure troupe’ of personal singers, maids and exotic dancers.

Despite Kim’s marriage and baby daughter, the dictator is using a loophole in North Korean tradition established by his father – Kim Jong-II – meaning that government officials will now scour the country selecting gorgeous girls for the Leader to leer over.

Kim Jong Un catches a lot of heat. Whether he’s murdering uncles for looking at him the wrong way or threatening nuclear war on everyone, people are always trying to bring him down. But wouldn’t it be kind of awesome to be him? I’m not saying I’d participate in the whole murdering people on a whim thing (not necessarily anyways) but the guy is essentially the most spoiled kid on the planet and nobody can do anything about it. That old expression “when he tells you to jump do you say how high?” is literally true for Kim Jong. People have to respond to him “how high?” or he puts them in the boo-box. So now Kim Jong wants a pleasure troupe and you better believe he’s getting a treasure troupe. I highly doubt he’s paying them 1000-5000 dollars a day either. The guy lives like a Roman emperor. He probably just lays down naked with his huge gut hanging out while some pleasure troupe anime hottie feeds him Big Mac’s and another sucks his dick. And in the other room Dennis Rodman is doing lord knows what with the rest of the treasure troupe before you guys get wicked drunk, do tons of blow and watch old NBA games. If were all in the trust tree here being honest with ourselves you have to admit at least some part of you is jealous of the dictator of North Korea. So good for Kim Jong. Just livin’ the dream man, livin’ the dream.

– Ballgame


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