Most Insane Woman Of All Time Gives Birth In Her Office’s Bathroom, Goes Back To Work And The Baby Dies

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(Not the woman in question)

DailymailThe body of a newborn baby was discovered hidden in a cubicle inside a Michigan office building after police say the mother had secretly given birth in the bathroom and then returned to her seat to resume her work.

Staff at Ceva Logistics in the 24400 block of Glendale Avenue in Redford reportedly had no idea their co-worker had been pregnant until Tuesday morning.

Police confirmed that the 26-year-old woman, who has not been named, delivered a baby that was later pronounced dead.

Fox 2 reported that employees at Ceva Logistics, an international company specializing in freight shipping, heard moaning coming from a bathroom stall at around 10am Tuesday.

Not long after, staffers entered the restroom and discovered blood all over a stall.

The Ceva employees returned to the office asking their co-workers if everyone was OK, but one woman seating in a cubicle remained silent.

Having a baby in a bathroom isn’t that insane. When you spend all day on the internet you realize this is a pretty common occurrence. Walmart’s, Burger Kings, K-Mart’s, people are having babies in those bathroom’s constantly. It’s not even that insane that the baby died or that she possibly killed it. The internet has desensitized me to that too. But the fact that she gave birth in the bathroom and then WENT BACK TO HER CUBE is the most INSANE thing I’ve ever read. If you enjoy cube life so much that you won’t leave your office to give birth/murder a child than you should be locked up in a straight jacket until the day you die. If there was an inch of snow on the ground I’d try to “work from home”, nevermind treating the handicapped stall like the ICU. I’m not even sure what’s worse; going through child birth in a bathroom then killing a new born or being trapped in cube world. Ballgame’s book has that lined as a pick em’. Any person who loves the cube that much isn’t someone that should be walking the streets free. Some people just want to see the world burn I guess.

ps – I’m getting dangerously close to (most likely) having to return to cube life and I’m getting so close to a full blown anxiety attack/mental breakdown. Somebody please save me from that life.

– Ballgame


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