The Phantom Gourmet Just Crushed My Dreams With Their April Fool’s Day “Joke”

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 10.02.14 AM

Goddamn you Andelman sisters. First of all there’s no such thing as a good April Fool’s joke. OK maybe when Opie and Anthony started the rumor that Menino was dead (before he was actually dead) qualifies as a decent April Fool’s joke. But for the most part it’s just awful “jokes” by awful people. But this isn’t even a bad joke. This just ripped my heart out, threw it in the middle of route 1 and had it run over by an 18 wheeler. Why even joke about creating a drive-in and pu pu platter emporium at the old Hilltop? This place would crush it. I hope somebody steals this idea from them. Fuck you Andelman’s*.

*I’ll absolutely still be watching Phantom Gourmet on Saturday and Sunday mornings, it’s an addiction I can’t quit.

– Ballgame


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