Some Ole Miss Bro Bit The Head Off A Hamster On Spring Break

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Need the pic of this girl unblurred

Link to video that’s actually not really graphic, just couldn’t get it to embed

Hottytoddy.comA disturbing and graphic video has surfaced a week after the University of Mississippi celebrated spring break of a student orally decapitating an allegedly intoxicated hamster.

Brady Eaves, 18, of Madison, is seen a video recently released by The Daily Mail biting the head off of a hamster after snapping the animal’s neck. The video was uploaded to YouTube Friday night with the title “psycho drunk spring breaker bites head off of hamster” but was quickly removed for violating the website’s terms of service.

Eaves is seen wearing a neon pink T-shirt in the video, taken away from the Phi Delt house and allegedly at a Spring Break party outside of Oxford.

Partygoers told The Daily Mail that the hamster was force-fed vodka and “hot-boxed” with marijuana smoke in its cage before the video was taken. It is possible he could be charged with felony animal cruelty charges, which carry a maximum jail term of five years and $5,000 in fines, if the video was indeed filmed in Florida.

Listen, I don’t want anybody FLIPPIN OUT. I’m sure as soon as this really goes viral the whole internet will pull out their jump to conclusion mats and decide that this kid needs to be kicked out of Ole Miss and then be subject to a public execution in The Grove for the crime of biting off a hamster’s head. I mean, listen, we’re talking about a hamster, not a puppy, not a puppy, not a puppy, we talking about a hamster. Not a puppy. Not, not, not a puppy that I go out there and would die for and cherish more than anything. Not a puppy, but we’re talking about a hamster man. I mean, how silly is that?

These are the same little rodents that we give to 5 year olds as pets and actually let said 5 year old take care of them. The same little furballs that gay men stick up their asses for pleasure. Rip a head off one and it’s a national outrage but stick a living one up your ass and OH now it’s ok! When Ozzy bit a bat’s head off on stage we called that rock and roll. Now a frat boy can’t even bite the head of a (highly irresponsible drunk and high mind you) hamster? SMH. Figure it out people.

– Ballgame


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  1. Anonymous

    ok I normally agree with you on most things but not this. I do think this is really sick and just cuz its a hamster doesn’t make it less sad! but I am an animal lover. not a freaky vegetarian, I eat meat but I wouldn’t torture the cow. like just shoot it

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