Pete Davidson May Have Just Skyrocketed Into Superstardom Last Night At The Bieber Roast

In case you live under a rock, the roast of Bieber was last night. Pete Davidson started the show off and threw down one of the best roast sets I’ve ever seen. This clip above is incredible. Initially I couldn’t believe he did the first part, then when he dropped “Soul Plane was the worst experience of my life involving a plane” I just lost it laughing. As awkward as it is to say that’s the best series of 9/11 jokes ever done. I knew Pete Davidson was an SNL guy but that’s about all I knew about him before last night. He’s certainly on the map now and the guy’s fucking hilarious. The rest of his jokes were fantastic as well.

Overall I give the Bieber roast an A-. Davidson was awesome, Natasha Leggero was hilarious and in probably the biggest surprise of the night Martha Stewart murdered it. Jeff Ross was his usual roast self and was one of the only guys that really went after Bieber. That had to be my biggest complaint – nobody really tried to crush Bieber. That and Bieber’s heartfelt speech at the end. I know this whole roast was pretty much just a (genius) PR move by Bieber and his people but at the same time get that soft shit out of my face Biebs.

If you missed this last night find some time to watch it on demand, it’s worth it.

ps – I guess they cut out a couple Paul Walker jokes made by Davidson and Ross. That’s kinda bullshit. Nothing is off limits in a roast. I mean Pete Davidson is joking about his father who was killed at the World Trade Center on 9/11 but because Ludacris (who you could tell couldn’t stand being made fun of) can’t handle a couple Paul Walker jokes Comedy Central cut them? Roasts are all we have left. When the PC police come for those you know the end is near.

– Ballgame


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