Brady Shot 4 Under Over The Last 14 Holes To Beat Keegan Bradley In A Match 6 and 5

Forget it………

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Audio from SVP and Russilo (Skip to the 5 minute mark)


By now everybody knows about Brady, Jordan and Keegan Bradley among others little vacation to the Bahamas but yesterday Bradley went on SVP and Rusillo to break it down a bit. It turns out that there isn’t anything Tom Brady can’t do. Sure Keegan gave him 12 strokes but the guy’s a pro golfer who’s won the PGA Championship. But Brady shooting -4 over 14 holes is still fucking shooting -4 over 14 holes which is ridiculous. Not to mention that Keegan definitely wasn’t going easy on him. He mentions multiple times how much Jordan and Brady would chirp them and he makes it blatantly clear they were playing for money so he definitely wasn’t just messing around out there. It wouldn’t surprise me if Brady plays on The Tour if he ever retires from the NFL. God Bless Tom Brady, the GOAT. – Ballgame


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